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Make Sure Your Stylist is in the “Know”

February 15 2019
Re-Energize Your Hair with a Professional Conditioning Treatment

Have you ever left a salon disappointment with your new hairstyle? At Amanda Maddox Salon it’s our goal that you leave our salon looking and feeling beautiful. When you talk to your stylist, there’s some important things to do and say to help them better help you create the style you are looking for.

Dress in style. When you come in, the clothes, accessories, and even makeup give your stylist strong visual clues as to your style. This will clue your stylist in on the type of look... chic, modern, natural ... as to the type of hairstyle that will suit your lifestyle.  We don’t expect you to dress as if you were going to a ball, but just be yourself!

Bring photos. We love when you bring in photos. It shows what you want and allows us to then work with you to tweak that look to fit your style, hair texture, and face shape. Don’t only bring in “yes” photos, we want to see it all. If there’s something you strongly do not like, bring in photos of those styles as well so we know what to definitely stay away from.

Discuss your profession and downtime interests. Your personality is very important when creating a new hairstyle that will suit you. Not only does your stylist need to know what’s required of you professionally but your personality and interests are a huge part of who you are as well and contribute to your hairstyle.

Spill the details. Let your stylist know what you’ve done to your hair in the past. This includes color, perms, keratin treatments, hennas, what type of styling tools you use, even the sports you regularly participate in such as swimming. All of these things can affect the result of any future color, cut, or chemical treatment that you may get.

Be realistic. Texture, color, density, and even age dictates what your hair can and cannot do. Your stylist will be honest with you if what you want is possible. If you want a lob but your hair is barely long enough for a bob, you may have to work at getting your hair to the look that you desire.

Let us help you create the hairstyle that you want. Make an appointment today at Amanda Maddox Salon. You can find us at 4315 Kingston Pike Ste. 120, Knoxville, TN, or call 865-673-0022. Easily keep up on those frequent trims by using our online booking tool, or try our mobile app, available for a free download at the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.

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